Podcast recommendations to feel less lonely

Over the years, the popularity of podcasts has increased drastically. Now, there are so many options when trying to find something to listen to, it can be overwhelming. As someone who’s been listening to podcasts for years, I’ll offer some of my favorite podcasts to help start your search. 

One podcast that I’ve listened to for awhile is “The Gus and Eddy Podcast.” This is a comedy podcast that has a very simple format, but a lot of great discussions and humor. The podcast is essentially just two friends, Gus Johnson and Eddy Burback, recording a podcast in their apartment and talking about whatever comes to mind with no central topic. This laxed format allows the hosts to have a more streamlined conversation and express their comedic talents. 

There are also several segments throughout that give the podcast its charm. One such segment includes fans sending in disagreements they’ve had and letting the hosts give their opinion to “solve” the disagreement. The disagreements sent in are typically outlandish or funny and allow the hosts to crack a few jokes while settling the arguments. Another segment involves the audience sending in questions via Twitter. This segment gives the hosts a topic and allows them to lead into other stories and discussions.

Another podcast I recommend is called “Only Stupid Answers.” The podcast is hosted by Sam Bashor and DJ Wooldridge, and involves the two discussing new and popular movies, TV shows, comic books, and other topics. Bashor and Wooldridge offer unique opinions and fun anecdotes that give the podcast its life. When I listen, it feels like I’m just listening to two of my friends talk about what they watched or read recently; this gives the show a more personal feel than other podcasts.

This next podcast is great for fans of “The Office.” “The Office Ladies” is hosted by Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, who played Angela and Pam respectively. On the podcast, the two watch a new episode of “The Office” each week and give behind-the-scenes stories about the episode. Kinsey and Fischer are best friends in real life and have great chemistry. This podcast is a must for fans because it gives the show more depth and enhances repeat viewings with a new perspective. 

My final podcast recommendation is “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” hosted by Conan O’Brien. Much like O’Brien’s late night show, “Conan,” the podcast has O’Brien interviewing a new celebrity each week. However, the podcast is much more laid back and feels like a personal conversation. With the podcast being around an hour, there is more time for an open conversation that isn’t rushed or restricted by a network. O’Brien’s hosting skills definitely come into play here as he has a perfect balance of conversation and comedy. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in an interview podcast with the familiar charm of a late night show. 

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