Opportunities for DMACC Students to De-Stress This Week

It’s the beginning of finals for the spring semester for students at DMACC. Students are currently both preparing for and dreading the process of taking their finals, so figuring out a way to release some built up stress is very important.

Luckily, this week DMACC is holding “De-Stress Days,” where students have an opportunity to participate in activities and eat snacks in anticipation of their finals.

The Student Activities Council, or SAC, is sponsoring the events.

Chris Peterson, who is the student president of the SAC, explains what “De-Stress Days” are all about. “The purpose is to provide snacks and activities to prepare students for their finals.”

There are snacks on Tuesday and Wednesday in Building 5 available for students and there are stress relief dogs in the main atrium of the Black Box Theatre as well.

The Animal Rescue League is responsible for making the dogs available for students.

Larry Enga is the owner of one of the therapy dogs whose name is Cooper and is a 4-year old golden retriever.  Larry volunteered for the ARL in order to provide people with a therapy dog which he has done in other schools like Waukee.

If the stress of finals is getting you down, be sure to come to Building 5 and check out the activities and de-stressing opportunities that DMACC has to offer.

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