Opinion: Importance of print fading

By: Drew Brown

You see it at every convenience store you go to on Sundays, huge variety of newspapers on the shelves. These include the Sunday paper, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, local registers, and many other ads. All this paper usage equals to a lot of paper waste.

How are we supposed to “go green” if we are wasting tons of paper daily? The importance of printing the paper everyday is diminishing.

It seems to me that the majority of newspaper sales are coming from the older generation. I very rarely see younger people purchasing a paper unless they’re buying it for the ads, coupons, or if they’re possibly in the paper.

A daily home delivery subscription from the Des Moines Register is $23 a month. The online subscription of the Des Moines Register is $10.

The online subscription allows full access on the computer, tablets and other mobile devices. The functions let you use the site on your browser or mobile apps.

It is a win-win situation. The online version is a lot cheaper. You get instant updates on stories as they develop, instead of waiting for the next issue. There is no waste of paper, and you have access to the stories anytime.

With the newer generation everything is on the Internet. All businesses have a Facebook in order to advertise. Everything is more technologically based, it is time for newspapers to do the same.

We can stop wasting paper, save some money, and still have access to the same information by not printing as much.

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