Opinion: How to find happiness in a chaotic world

We all have those times where life seems to be one overwhelming event after another. Those times when stress and negative thinking hang around and begin to pollute all other aspects of our routine. With all the chaotic noise, it can get difficult to pull the mind out of the muddled state it has sunken into.
It is at these times when one has to stop, and remember all the good moments that life has to offer in order to keep moving forward. This is much easier said than done. When a negative headspace has wormed its way into your brain, it can be hard to come up with effective tools to ‘snap out of it’.
We all have our own individual self care plan that works for us. Here are some things to try to survive those bad days:

-Talk to someone about how you are feeling. Voicing your thoughts out loud and getting an outside perspective can help you reevaluate the situation that is troubling you. Talk to a friend, and vent it all out.
-Take a break. Put on your favorite movie or take a quick power nap to recharge your brain.
-Make a list of everything that needs to get accomplished. Making a mental checklist, or physically writing down what needs to done can help prioritize what to do first. This can also help decrease stress by breaking up the tasks one by one.
-Go outside. Be out in nature for a little bit and breathe in the fresh air.
– Stay hydrated by drinking water.
-Take a relaxing shower/bath, wash your face, brush your teeth, or whatever makes you feel refreshed.
-Pet an animal (like a fluffy dog for instance).
-Watch a comedy special or another video that makes you laugh.
-Listen to some upbeat tunes.
-Buy yourself something nice. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, it can be as simple as buying your favorite candy bar or getting a warm cup of coffee.
-Try mediating or yoga.
-Write down everything that is causing you to become upset. Spill everything all down on paper and if you are still upset, crumple the paper up.
-Now, write down things that make you happy.
-Go to the gym and exercise.
-Do small kind actions for other people. Whether that be holding the door for somebody, giving someone a compliment, or telling a friend how much you appreciate them.

When I am having a bad day, I make myself a cup of tea, watch a video on YouTube, or simply work on an easier project until my brain has relaxed a bit and is brought back to a happier state of mind.
When life is so stressful and complicated, and a breakdown is imminent, it is important to pause. Take a break from all of the worries and negative thoughts and focus on the present moment.
Remember to check in on your friends and see how they are doing. Learn to allow yourself to have those tough days, and come up with self care tools to help get you through. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you get stuck in a slump and remember that everything will be okay in the end.

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