Opinion: Free community college is a good investment

derrickCan you imagine going to DMACC for free? Well dream on, because it’s probably not going to happen before you graduate. As for future generations, it could be a possibility. College for free? President Obama’s proposal of free community college is a game changing idea. With free community college, everyone in the nation would be able to obtain at least an associate’s level college degree.

A question that many people are asking is how free community college is possible? The answer is simple, increase tax on the wealthy! Members of the Obama Administration estimates that this free community college program would cost around $70 billion dollars a year.

Multiple studies from “The College Board” and “The New York Times” have proven that the more educated a person becomes, the higher their lifetime income is. A more educated and increased income workforce leads to higher productivity in the workplace and higher productivity means more money in the end for the wealthy. Basically to sum it all up, a more educated workforce leads to a more prosperous society as a whole. The wealthy would be re-investing into themselves.

However; in hindsight, people see the $70 billion dollar cost for this program as a liability, not as an investment into the future. Many Republicans in office have already called it a petty income redistribution plot. We have to open our eyes beyond hindsight and look at the bigger picture. Unfortunately, I do not see this proposal getting passed anytime soon. The Republicans control the House and Senate and they are showing no signs of passing anything that President Obama brings to the floor.

Why should the government waste money on other things (such as ridiculous defense spending), when it can reinvest into society with more affordable higher education. We can only hope that this idea will linger on and maybe see the day when higher education is no longer a privilege, but a right.

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