Oh where did you go, Joe DiMaggio?

Brent_Nichol_webWhy do sports teams get so much of our attention? Every year I cheer on my teams in hopes of a win in each game, and maybe the big game (most of the time they lose).

Whether it be baseball, basketball, or football, I love watching sports.

For most of us sports are exactly what they were always intended for: a distraction from our daily lives, and the constant prattle coming from the news.

Let’s face it folks, we tend not to want to focus on what politicians, foreign countries, or even space probes are doing. Instead we focus on the love of the game.  

Now at this point I know you’re wondering, “Where is he going with this,” and I say don’t worry I’ll get there. Growing up I loved the Chicago Bulls, Cubs and oddly enough the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I idolized Michael Jordan, Carlos Zambrano, Hines Ward, and Coach Bill Cowher.

It is always good to look back in fond memory of those childhood heroes; they are almost always actors or sports players.

So we all know that our little brothers and sisters, our nieces and nephews and even our children will probably grow up the same way idolizing these figures.

So as a mentor I have to look out for those I care about, and pay attention to those they look up to. Recently this year the Steelers signed a man by the name of Michael Vick.

In case you forgot why that name rings a bell, he is the former quarterback that was brought up on charges for dog fighting.

This man has beaten, killed, and tortured animals that have been our loyal companions for over 18,000 years.

So how is it that we can let a man like Michael Vick back into the NFL? How can we let him be back on our children’s walls?

I understand forgiveness, I know we should think better of people, but where do we draw the line on ethics and behavior? Are we going to allow a murderer to play the game again or (even worse in my eyes) a pedophile?

I personally have stopped watching football altogether until they take that horrible man off of the roster. I don’t think he deserves the right to be cheered on by me, and especially not by children. Why do professional ball players and other celebrities get off so easy, while regular citizens pay heavy tolls for the same crimes?

While one fan may not be able to do much, I know that I am not the only one angry about this.

More than 15,000 fans signed a petition to have Michael Vick taken off of the team. That did not faze the owners and neither do protesters outside of home games.

I leave you with this one question, what kind of a person do you want the little ones in your life looking up to?

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