Norwalk native takes photography from passion to business

Lexi Mattiussi

Since graduating high school in 2023, Lexi Mattiussi, from Norwalk, has focused on starting her photography business. She first found a love for photography at 13 but didn’t realize it was something so important to her until 16. Now 18, she has started her own business and already served more than 50 clients in just under six months. 

Choosing photography as something more than a hobby tied back to her family. 

“My grandma and dad both did photography and were never able to do it for a living so I wanted to do something that incorporated their past passion into mine,” Lexi said. 

She said her dad was a big help getting her started. He helped her buy her first camera, choose service prices, and even set up spreadsheets to keep her photoshoots organized. 

Lexi said photography is more than just a business to her. She said it is about the story she can tell through her photos and her passion for her art. Her drive for taking photos comes from being able to wake up and do something she is proud of. She said her photos have really pulled her out of dark places. 

“As a teen with extreme mental health issues, being able to wake up and look forward to my business makes me want to live and continue to grow.” 

Photo by Lexi Mattiussi

Starting a business from the ground up had proven to be a bit difficult for Lexi early on. She talked about the struggle and disappointment starting with no followers, feeling like her work would go unnoticed, and trying to balance it all with everyday life. 

“I wish I didn’t have to start out working two other jobs on top of photography just to afford living but also my equipment,” she said.  

She also found it hard to hear that her style of photography wasn’t for everyone but she has come to understand that everyone has different tastes and sometimes criticism can help a person grow. Lexi likes to come to her photoshoots with a very laid back and personal aspect which she learned some people may consider unprofessional but she wouldn’t change it because she wants people to always feel comfortable at her shoots. 

While there were a few bumps along the way Lexi said the good times began to outweigh the bad ones.

“There have been very good days and very bad days but it’s been a very magical experience.” 

She then went on to talk about how the support from her friends, family, and even old classmates has not only helped but warmed her heart. 

“I couldn’t do what I do without the people in my life.”  

Photo by Lexi Mattiussi

Her favorite thing about taking pictures so far has been being able to capture sentimental moments for her clients. From couples photoshoots to graduation pictures, and even recently a pregnancy announcement, she enjoys taking photos that speak for themselves. Even in the photos that aren’t taken for sentimental reasons or anything outwardly exciting, she talked about how she loves to incorporate details about her clients in them knowing that it is special to them but also to her because she is giving her clients a way to express themselves.  

Lexi’s biggest advice for starting a photography business is building a community.  

“People in the photography community have been genuinely so nice and have been there if I have concerns or questions that Google just couldn’t answer.” 

Another big thing she found successful was being consistent. Even when it felt like no one was seeing her work she stayed on top of posting even if it was the same person multiple times or just pictures of her dog getting her name out there was a way to make a mark. While there have been many ups and downs Lexi says it has been worth it all because seeing the business she started on her own grow makes all the struggle worth it. 

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