News Briefs, October 31, 2018

Report of sexual assault at Campus View

DMACC students, faculty and staff received email notification of an alleged sexual assault that took place the morning of Sept. 21 at Campus View Apartments, the complex located adjacent to Ankeny campus. The email, sent by Jay Tiefenthaler, Director of Energy, Safety and Security, said the parties involved were acquaintances. After the incident was reported to DMACC Security on Oct. 3, the investigation was handed over to Ankeny police for further investigation. On Oct. 18, Tiefenthaler said the investigation is still ongoing.

Tiefenthaler reminded students how to stay safe with a list of precautions including,

Be alert to people pressuring you or others to accept either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks prepared by others.

Use and encourage others to have a companion or a safe means of getting home.

Trust your instincts. If you feel uneasy or sense something is wrong, do what you can to get out of that situation or call for assistance.

The number for DMACC security is 515-964-6500.


Driver damages Building

On Saturday, Oct. 20, Building 18 on Ankeny campus was damaged when a student driver was practicing parking and accidentally put the car in drive rather than reverse.

The student driver panicked and kept pressing on the gas pedal, according to Jay Tiefenthaler, Director of Energy, Safety and Security. Tiefenthaler said no one was hurt but the car “pushed the wall in about three feet or so, and shot the table and chairs across the room, damaging a few computers.”

Fortunately, he said everything was replaceable and covered by insurance; and because the building was originally built to be temporary, repairs will be relatively easy and classes will only be relocated for a few weeks.


Photo by Christy Halverson
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