Netflix unjustly cancels ‘One Day at a Time’

“This is it. This is life,” these are the opening lines to the theme song of the show “One Day at a Time.” On March 14, Netflix announced that after three seasons, they would not be renewing the show.

“One Day at a Time” is such a wonderful show. Not only is it hilarious and full of drama, it also has a lot of diversity and representation.

The show follows the Alvarez family, a tight-knit Cuban-American family, and showcases America through the eyes of a Latinx family. Penelope Alvarez is a war veteran and single mom to her two children Elena and Alex, and her mother Lydia is a flirtatious and proud Cuban woman.

The show is exactly what we need to see during this pivotal moment in our country’s history. “One Day at a Time” is written and produced by a diverse group of people, including Gloria Calderón Kellett, who is a Cuban-American herself and veteran producer Norman Lear, so it is no wonder that the show gives an authentic voice to viewers.“One Day at a Time” discusses a range of topics from LGBTQ+ rights and racial discrimination to veterans affairs, and so many other important topics that often go untalked about or misportrayed in other mainstream shows.

Fans are outraged by Netflix’s decision to cancel this beloved show. Many see themselves represented in the show and feel like it accurately educates viewers.

On Twitter, Netflix told fans that, “…simply not have enough people watched to justify another season.” Netflix however will not say how many people watched and how many views would have made it justifiable to make another season.

But that is besides the point, be-cause Netflix makes money based on number of subscribers, not on the number of views a show receives.

In response to Netflix’s decision to cancel the show, fans have started a hashtag #SaveODAAT on Twitter and on other social media sites, pleading with Netflix to reconsider. Celebrities like Lin Manuel Miranda, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actresses Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero, and Karamo Brown are a part of the movement and hope to save this beloved show.

Sony, the studio that owns “One Day at a Time,” is currently looking to sell the show and CBS All Access has taken an interest in buying the show from Sony. However, Netflix has the power to veto any decision Sony makes on selling the show to another network, and many people are worried that Netflix will use this veto power.

Netflix is making a bad decision by canceling “One Day at a Time,” while continuing to invest in problematic shows like “You” or “Thirteen Reasons Why,” or paying millions of dollars just to keep re-runs of shows like “Friends.”

Netflix keeps praising itself over its contribution to diverse storytelling. But how can Netflix truly support diversity when they canceled one of their best shows that embraces diversity both on and off screen.

So, like “One Day at a Time” tells its viewers, “Hold on tight we’ll muddle through. One day at a time.”

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