Music lessons offered at DMACC

Every semester as I roam through the halls carrying my guitar case I hear students say, “ I didn’t know DMACC offered music lessons.”

Well, DMACC does offer several music lessons for all types of instruments. Students range from beginners to highly advanced, with each program designed for that individual student.

Therefore, if you decide that you just want to learn certain songs, then you can. DMACC music instructors also tend to work with students who don’t have instruments of their own, whether it is giving students information as to where they can rent an instrument or by providing one themselves so students can take lessons. Each individual lesson is half an hour long and is set to accommodate almost any schedule.

DMACC does require students to pay an additional fee of $115, which helps supplement the price of lessons with the instructor.

Which, if you calculate tuition and the fee then divide it by fifteen lessons, you pay roughly $17.20 per lesson.

This is about half the price most private instructors would charge for the same lessons.

Students are given the opportunity to perform at the end of the semester recital, however this is optional according to most instructors.

Music lessons are considered a one-credit class.

Furthermore, music lessons are considered to be a great stress reliever for an otherwise hectic workload.

Students who take music lessons have also displayed a better sense of self and more confidence while learning what they like and don’t like, according to Aaron Powell, who is the guitar instructor on campus.

Therefore, when looking for something fun to add to your schedule consider adding a music class.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Aaron Powell in Building 6 room 29C or email Jim Loos at


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