Movie review: Frozen

3-frozen-movieBy Grace Hart

When I first heard about Frozen, I was skeptical. There had been so many let downs with kids movies recently, I was not eager to go and see another one. Slowly, one by one, people I know were going out to see it coming back to me with superb views. They had gone back to see it two, three, even eight times in one case. Tumblr was filled with their little gifs of this movie and every other social media site was filled with praise for Frozen. Basically, the expectations were high for this movie.

With great relief, those expectations were met. It was a refreshing movie filled with beauty, character, humor, and a lovely chorus of instant Disney classic songs. One of the best was “Let It Go” by the extremely talented Broadway star, Idina Menzel. It already has won one Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature and it is up for an Academy Award in the same category.

This is a tale of two sisters, one of them, Elsa (Idina Menzel), having a magical power to control ice and snow. She initially used this power for fun and to make snowmen, but one day, things go wrong and Anna (Kristin Belle) gets hurt. Elsa is forced to hide away along with her power. Of course, being royal, she had to come out eventually, and that day was her coronation to become the Queen of Arendelle. The day begins perfectly: Anna finds a man, the coronation goes smoothly, and the people of her kingdom are happy. But, at the celebration afterwards, her ice power is revealed and she exiles herself to the mountains. She even, unknowingly, caused Arendelle to become covered in snow.

The rest of the story is Anna’s adventure to find and then try to convince Elsa to bring the summer back to their beloved city. On top of that she struggles with the lack of support she is getting from others with her engagement to a man who she only just met. “But its true love!” she defends. This little concept is going against many other Disney films where the princess meets a guy and immediately falls in love with him.  With that, come other little challenges that force the princess to make difficult decisions.

Just like in every Disney movie, there is that one goofy character, usually a talking animal. This movie has the most adorable one I have seen: Olaf, the talking snowman. He is a magical character filled with some cute one- liners and the pure dream of wanting to enjoy the summer. Olaf brought the movie that childlike wonder we all used to have. The rest of the characters are just as cute, for instance the love-expert Trolls, Sven the reindeer, and Anna’s companion Kristoff. If you don’t think the plot sounds interesting, just go and see it for the characters.

The film brought giggles to all in the audience and revived the Disney Princess in many just like in their other films, if not more. For some this can be a tear jerker, so be warned, there is a moment where your heart stops. That’s the beauty of this movie though, the characters and story becomes so alive that an audience member is truly experiencing the story alongside the movie. Overall, I thought it was spectacular and believe it is a satisfying movie for any person at any age.

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