“Loop road” work close to being done

loop-webThe DMACC loop road is projected to be ready this fall after it was originally planned to be done in July.

“It’s delayed because of the rain. So, if it quits raining, when it quits raining, there is probably a couple of weeks worth of work left,” said Ned Miller, Executive Director of the Physical Plant.

“So I would expect it to be done this fall, optimistically, by the end of October, but that’s all going to depend on the weather,” he said.

Miller also addressed parking concerns, which is a common complaint.

The parking lots can be congested sometimes, especially when it comes to having a spot near a building. “This is a challenge,” said Miller.

“I acknowledge there are times of the day and weeks when parking lots are full, especially the ones close to the buildings. However, we have adequate parking for all faculty and students but some of our parking lots are not as close to the building as we would like. They are very congested. We do our best to patrol them with security, but it is a challenge and we would work on it as best as we can,” he said.

The construction of the new YMCA is expected to bring in a lot of traffic. Miller and his team have acknowledged this and they have devised means to accommodate the congestion.

“There are plans to build a larger parking lot and add several hundred spaces. The traffic pattern will change in what is called the M lot by Building 5 through the new parking lot to L lot. We have a plan in place that we believe would help reduce congestion. The entrances to the M lot would be redesigned,” he said.

Other projects in the near future include: landscaping and renovation around the South Oralabor entrance into the Ankeny campus.

Miller’s advice to students is to be aware that not everyone can have a prime parking spot, and therefore act accordingly.

“I just would ask students to be patient with other students, faculty and staff in the parking lots. We know we are a community college and people drive here. Everybody wants a prime parking spot, not everybody can get that. So if you willing to walk a little further, there is always parking to be found.

Miller’s final advice to students is to think of others as you are driving into school.

“Have patient with other people, be polite, be cautious, treat people like you wanna be treated. We really don’t have lots of major problems but we do have congestion and we recognize that. We want students to be safe in the parking lots,” he added.

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