London study abroad applications due Nov. 30

London, England: Home to the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, old museums, and much more.

Students can go to London this spring as a part of DMACC’s study abroad program and can see all of these attractions in person.

Each spring semester DMACC gives students the opportunity to study in London.

The program lasts for only 10 weeks instead of the normal 15-week semester. The semester starts on January 11 for most students but for those going to London, classes won’t start until February 8. Due to budget cuts, the first two weeks of the semester will be spent on the DMACC campus and the other eight weeks will be spent in London.

While in London, students are required to take a “British Life and Culture” class which gives a hands-on approach to London. Maria Cochran, director of the London Study Abroad program, said, “They will learn about the Stonehenge. Then, they will go out and visit Stonehenge.” This experience should enhance the students’ learning and expand on the culture of Britain. Students are allowed to take one online class while in London and have to take 12 credits.

Eden Pearson is the professor going to London this year and she offers English courses to students. She hasn’t gone before and said, “Before, I had children at home and I didn’t want to leave them while I was in London. Now, my youngest is in college so I thought that it was a good time for me to go on the trip.”

The trip is approximately $6,000 for each person. The fees include room and board, breakfast only, medical insurance, program trips taken with British Life and Culture class, a London transport card, classroom facility fees, airfare, and student support services.

Students will have to pay for their college tuition and textbooks, but many receive financial aid to attend the trip.

The financial aid takes the spring and summer semesters, so students have money for two semesters to help pay for London. Students also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships which can be found on the DMACC website.

While in London, students live with one other person with a host family. The host families are mainly older people who want to meet new people and are enthusiastic to show students around London. 

The program forces students out of the classroom to explore Europe. Classes meet Monday through Thursday so students can leave London and travel Europe over the weekends.

Both Pearson and Cochran explained that students can travel Europe for very little money. They said that flights cost around a couple hundred dollars and it doesn’t take very long to get to other European countries.

There’s also a four-day trip to Scotland available to students. The cost of the trip is $595.

Cochran said that students adjust very well to living in the fast-paced city of London.

She says, “Many of the students will come back and have a culture shock.”

Since students are given only breakfast, they have to find their own source of lunch and dinner. “The food is not delicious,” Pearson laughs.

Cochran and Pearson say that most of the foods are pretty plain and include heavy meat pies along with the iconic tea and scones. They also say the fish and chips aren’t bad.

If you have questions please email Maria Cochran at or Eden Pearson at Another good source for information is the DMACC website. The program can be found under “Courses/Programs.” Applications are due November 30, 2015.

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