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Spring Break is coming up for DMACC students in a few weeks, so it is time to start planning your vacation. With spring break being in the middle of the semester, students often feel stressed out and exhausted. They are in need to get out of the books and have some fun and excitement. There are plenty of places to experience while on spring break and students often take the opportunity to travel. Florida is one of the most popular places to visit during spring break not only for families but also for college students. Road trips are a good way to relieve that midterm stress and to experience new places with your friends.

There are so many other places you can visit and different sites you can experience while driving to Florida. While traveling to the Sunshine State, you could pass through and stop in at least five other states; Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. By passing through these other states it can make your vacation seem filled with other mini vacations you wouldn’t have experienced if you traveled a different way. There are plenty of different sites you could see in each of these states to make your vacation more memorable.

The drive to Orlando, Florida is about 1,346 miles and 20 hours and 27 minutes long. With the excitement fueling your decisions, you and your travel companions may want to get to Florida right away and plan to drive straight through.

However, this may not be the best decision. A lot of the time making stops in each state that you pass through can actually make the trip a lot more fun. You will be able to experience more places and create more memories with your friends. Through experiences, people have found that driving halfway (to Tennessee) and stopping for the night is better than driving straight through. If you choose to stop in Tennessee you can witness the nightlife of a different state, but if you drive straight through, then you and your companions will be exhausted by the time you all get to Florida.

All in all, by driving instead of flying, your trip will be significantly cheaper. Fuel on the way there would be approximately $110 and cheaper hotels run around $100 per night. That is $210 total compared to you each having to buy an expensive plane ticket. Then you have that much more money to spend on your experiences in Florida.

Here is some advice from someone who has done multiple road trips, both straight through and stopping:
1. The earlier you start your trip, the sooner you will get there.
2. Stop at major cities in each new state to gain more experiences.
3. Find cheaper hotels before you get to Florida, so you have more money to spend while you’re there.
4. Make sure you and your friends agree on the road trip music playlist.

Some places to stop along the way:
1. The Arch in St. Louis, Missouri
2. Civil War battle sites and the Grand Ole’ Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
3. Rock City to view over 7 States in Chattanooga, Tennessee
4. Millennium Gate Museum, Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta Aquarium, and the Southern Food Tour in Atlanta, Georgia.

Places in Florida to visit:
1. Daytona Speedway
2. DisneyWorld and Universal Studios
3. Busch Gardens
4. Everglades National Park
5. Kennedy Space Center

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