Heathy Eating

College students are busy and constantly stressed. Most are working as well as going to school.They not only have to try and keep their grades up but also have to worry about living expenses, family and trying to have a social life. When it comes to eating healthy shortcuts are easier,but a healthy diet can reduce some of that stress.

If you are fueling your body with healthy foods, it will function better. Students often go for the quickest source of energy, many times they grab an energy drink,coffee or soda.These drinks are high in sugar and caffeine both.

Caffeine is known to have many health risks such as insomnia, headaches and high blood pressure. I could keep going on about the side effects, but most people know that caffeine is not good for you.Added sugar has no nutritional value; it is essentially there because it tastes good and keeps you coming back for more.

So, what could you grab instead to give you a needed energy boost? The answer is simple and cheap. Grab a piece of fruit! Apples and bananas are both high in natural sugars, which give us energy, and apples have a lot of fiber, so they will keep you full longer. Add some peanut butter, and you have gotten in protein as well which will help with that energy boost.

College students are always on the go,so it can be hard to sit down for a healthy meal when the only time you have to eat is in between classes and breaks at work. Many students tend to grab something out of the vending machine or grab a quick bite from a fast-food joint. These foods

tend to be high in fat and sugar and only provide the body with short-term energy.

When that energy is gone, you crash which keeps you running back to grab more. The trick to prevent this is to plan. If you can make a quick trip to the grocery store once a week you can get everything,you need to bring with you to class or work so you do not have to rely on the vending machine or fast food.

Let’s say you made it to the store, stick to the outside aisles as much as you can. The outside aisles have your fresh produce, your meat, dairy, and grains.Your grocery list should include fresh fruits and vegetables. Pick ones that you like to eat; there is no point in grabbing a vegetable because you know it is healthy if you are not actually going to eat it.

You also want to grab foods that are convenient enough to take with you to school. Apples, bananas and celery pair well with peanut butter and make a good snack.If you have time,prepare baggies of fruits and veggies to take with you. Otherwise, many stores have prepared servings as well. Other easy items to snack on are nuts and beef jerky. Both of which are great sources of protein.You can also buy granola bars; protein bars are going to keep you going longer just make sure they do not have a lot of added sugar.The best way to keep you energized through the day is to eat six small meals instead of three large ones.This helps keep you from overeating and makes sure you constantly have something in your system.

Another bonus to healthy eating is that planning and grocery shopping is going to save you money. Every time you get a soda out of a vending machine you are spending a dollar, you could buy a dozen bananas with that dollar.Every time you treat yourself to a quarter-pounder and fries, you could be buying 3 pounds of apples.

College students schedules can be hectic and make it harder to eat well. The key to eating healthy is to make healthy foods convenient to yourself, doing this will save you money and your body will thank you.You only get one body, treating it right is essential to not only your physical health but your mental health as well.

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