Opinion: Good people at DMACC come to my rescue

Alex PayneBy Alex Payne.

If you were to ask me a week or even four days before going to print this issue what I was going to do for my column I would have told you something totally different.

Over the last week things for the staff here at the Chronicle have been hectic, and my life is no exception.

I had always thought about moving out of my parent’s home but I never thought it would be this early.

Luckily, I have many friends here at DMACC. Whether it was a classmate or a professor, when they heard what was going on, they were willing to help me.

Friends and former professors were willing to open their homes to me to stay on a couch or in a guest room. They fit me into their schedules so I would be able to hang out with them and their friends, which helped me keep my mind off of the new major stresses that were put in my already stressful life.

The people who sent me emails, texts, phone calls, Facebook messages and invited me to their apartments to hangout all made me feel better during this awful experience.

I may be very critical of DMACC and there are many things I do not like about DMACC, but this community gathered around me when I was lost and helped me get back on my feet.

I am so very grateful that God has put people in my life that have been helpful. As I look back on it he has definitely prepared me for this situation.

One of the greatest things would have been the first day of this semester. As I was up ready for class I was going to be at school really early.

This all changed as I walked out to find I had a flat tire. So since I was living at home my mother took me to school (How embarrassing!). An accident at the intersection of Delaware and Oralabor had traffic backed up on the Interstate; I was going to be late.

Walking into my speech class, three minutes late on the first day of school made me upset, it was not the first impression I wanted to make with my professor. To top it off there was only one open seat, so I sat next to the guy on the far right of the room, second row.

I sat down there and the next class after speech was Mass Media, the same guy came in, saw me, smiled and sat down next to me. We soon became friends.

When he heard what had happened, he was one of the first people to invite me over and talk. It was amazing having someone I met in class with whom I had so much in common.

He had gone through some of the same things I had gone through. He opened his apartment to me to stay on his couch. I was able to make new friends and have new and exciting experiences.

Others have also gone out of their way to help. Both of my managers at work have told me to let them know how they could help. One of them tried to get one of her parents to rent out their basement to me.

I have been blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. Even in these tough times I know there are people praying for me and willing to help me out.

Now with the stress of not knowing where I am going to get all of the money I need to live or where I will be sleeping at night. It is all stacked on top of my busy schedule and full course load here at DMACC.

I do not even know if I will have internet everyday to complete all of my assignments on Blackboard or MyPsychLab.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade, right? I just need to figure out what my lemonade is going to be and how I get the final product.



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