Finish your homework, then Netflix

Welcome back to another year of chaotic sleep schedules and increased stress.

As classes get underway, students begin their transition from late night Netflix binges on the couch to 8 a.m. trips to the classroom. Whether this is your first semester in college or you’re returning, coming back to school is always a shocking time.

New classes, those professors who are a little too eager, and intimidating syllabi are just a few overwhelming things that come with the beginning of a school year. Then again, if you are anything like me, there are a few things you look forward to: things like seeing old friends, catching up with your favorite professor, and hanging out at the gym.

I do dread new classes and the vast amount of information shoved at you on the first day, but it is exciting at the same time. You are furthering your education and I truly believe it will pay off in the long run. Nothing says ‘I believe in myself’ like spending thousands of dollars to improve your life.

Even though school has been going on for a few weeks now, I am still not fully adjusted quite yet, but I am looking forward to my time here. I am joining DMACC once again after a few years away at a larger university. Here is what I have missed about this small community college: the classes are not 200-300 people lecture halls, they are small classes that have a lot of hands on experience.

For example, between two classes, I have a total number of eight classmates. I think small would be an understatement. Not only are the classes much less nerve-wracking, the professors have fewer students on which to focus. Each student has the opportunity to get far more one on one attention than one would at larger university. Take advantage of this; it may not always be this way.

Transitioning between a much larger school and DMACC has not been as bad as I had anticipated. I thought it would feel like going back to highschool: smaller campus, smaller classes, and less homework. I was only partially wrong. The classes are smaller, but so far I have had enough homework to last me until Thanksgiving Break.

Although DMACC is a smaller college, there are many things that make it stand out from the rest. DMACC campus has a lot of very nice facilities for student use. The new Building 5 Student Center just opened this semester and is a place for students to come to eat, play games, and relax during the school day.

This is an ideal thing for students who live off campus and don’t have the luxury of going home in between classes, since a large portion of DMACC students do commute every day, the Student Center is a perfect place for spending extra time. The library is another spot where students can go to study in a quiet environment during the day. I never went to the library my first two years and it showed. Seriously, use the library.

So my advice for the school year is: take advantage of all DMACC has to offer. If you’re interested in clubs and student activities, get involved. Make the most of your years here at college because they really do go by fast. You can still binge on Netflix, but only after all your homework is finished.


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