Fake Instagram “Finsta” accounts trend as private way to share photos with friends

Instagram: where most people go to share their perfectly edited pictures, at the perfect posting times, to get the most possible likes. However, have you ever had that funny drinking picture, that disgusting triple chin selfie, or just needed some place to vent, and wanted to post about it? Well, creating a Finsta might be the move for you.

The word Finsta comes from the mashup of the words “fake” and “Instagram.” Finstas are typically private and require the owner to accept a follow request. This is so the creator’s parents, bullies, and not-very-close friends cannot see the posts.

For some teens, posts do involve underage drinking or other illegal activities. One Finsta post from a DMACC student says, “I woke up to snapchats from people telling me that my ass was on the DMACC story and finding a waffle in my bed. How was your Friday night???”

Not all teens focus around this though; some use it as a blog of sorts.

A Finsta post from one DMACC student, Erin Ollendieck, says, “Hello, my apartment is 67 degrees but I’m too lazy to walk downstairs and change it. My bf is passed out on the floor. I also just found my phone which I lost two hours ago. When it was found I had pictures of these lovely folks on it. I wish winter didn’t give me acne and sadness lol. S/o to vegans”.

“My parents and family members follow my real instagram so I keep that one pretty PG, but my finsta is mainly followed by my friends so I can be open and show the more unedited side, with silly jokes that my family might not get or think are funny,” Ollendieck said.

Many people feel that this outlet is, well, not the best way to get these feelings out there. These “haters” feel that those with Finstas should just open something like a blog, or find a different way to share these feelings than just making another Instagram account.

In the end, the internet is a wonderful place for lots of creative things. If you want to use it to post about your fun Friday night, your emotional Tuesday afternoon, or just that cute picture your mom sent you of your dog, feel free to do as you please.

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