Faculty Profile: Dennis Moore

DennisMooreIf you’ve ever had Dennis Moore as an instructor in one of your DMACC English courses, you’ll know that he incorporates a sense of humor during class.

Something that you may not have known, however, is that Moore regularly submits an entry into the weekly “New Yorker” magazine cartoon caption contest.

“Although I have submitted over two-hundred entries on a weekly basis over a period of many years and have never won, I continue to enter. I guess persistence is one of my stronger qualities, or maybe I just enjoy the feeling of constant rejection,” Moore says.

His advice to students? “Do more than just attend class. As time permits, get involved in one or more of the numerous departmental, pre-professional, or special interests clubs on campus.”

Groups such as Phi Theta Kappa, “The Campus Chronicle”, and Campus Fellowship are great outlets to get involved with.

After majoring in English at Simpson University in Indianola, Moore completed his graduate work at Northeast Missouri State (now Truman State). Moore also taught in West Des Moines for 40 years.

Following his experience in West Des Moines, Moore decided that he “wanted to teach at the college level before becoming a septuagenarian (a person in their 70s)”.

Moore has been at DMACC for four years and teaches College Prep Writing, Composition I, and Composition II. “It’s a pleasure seeing students become better communicators through their writing,” Moore says.

  Moore’s children also completed part of their education at DMACC. Moore says “DMACC was the genesis of their college experience.”

Moore actually had his daughter as a student in his composition classes. Moore says “this was one of [his] most enjoyable experiences as an educator. It allowed [him] to see her abilities in the academic setting.”

He also explains how, since he is always looking for feedback in order to become more effective in the classroom, his daughter was able to provide him with honest input.

Moore also recognizes certain authoritative figures who have supported him. “The dedicated people at DMACC are what make coming to the campus everyday so enjoyable,” he says.

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