Eyewitness recounts events leading up to sexual assault

In the early hours of Sunday, Oct. 1, Ankeny Police responded to a sexual assault report at the Campus Town Apartments.

The DMACC student who was the victim was treated for her injuries later that night. The Chronicle spoke with an eyewitness who was in the same room just hours earlier than the alleged incident. To protect her identity, she will be called Jane in this story.

Jane said she was at a party with about 10 people and they were all drinking and having a fun night. Many of them, however, were drinking excessively and judgment became severely impaired. At one point in the night, Jane was left alone with two men who she had never met before in her life.

Around 11:45 that night, things got scary for Jane. The two men began to touch her and make her feel uncomfortable, prompting her to run into the bathroom, lock the door, and hide from them.

“I kept thinking to myself: what was going to happen if I stayed there or waited them out?” Jane said.

“I didn’t really feel in that much danger while I was in the bathroom. I knew they had two locked doors to get through to get to me and if they kept trying I was prepared to call 911.”

After about 30 minutes had passed and the boys had stopped trying, she grabbed all her things out of the apartment and ran out, eventually driving home. “I just wanted to forget about it”.

In regards to the investigation, Jane says, “I have been asked to come in and talk with a detective about my story and what exactly happened that night. I also tried to help get some names down on who might have been there that night”

Jane says that now she will be a lot more careful about where she chooses to attend parties. “I am more hesitant to be friendly with people who I don’t know.”

“I have to be more hesitant wherever I go, regardless of the situation,” she said.

Four arrests have been made and one warrant was issued in connection with the assaults. Albert Valle, 19, of Ankeny, Jeffery O’Hara, 18, of Ankeny, Jessie Teah, 20, of Des Moines and Azira Torbor, 17, of Altoona have been arrested and charged with second-degree sexual assault. A warrant has been issued for Jamonte Jamal Luckett, who was also charged with second-degree sexual assault.

According to DMACC procedures, if you are a victim of sexual abuse or assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking or have witnessed any of these, you are encouraged to report the incidents that occur on DMACC property or at DMACC functions to the Security Department, 515-964-6500 24-hours a day or 964-6816 7:00 a.m-4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

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