Dreams…what do they mean?

You make my dreams come true, (You make my dreams)….Come true – Hall and Oates (1980)

For the last 20 years ever since I left working for someone else instead of being self-employed I’ve had recurring dreams set in the offices of my former employer, Storey Kenworthy. I left there to pursue my dream of having my own business publishing on the Internet, and eventually running the trade magazine and trade show for the mobile DJ industry. While times have been up and down with it, I love my lifestyle, love my job overall and the freedom that it gives when you are successfully self-employed.

Probably over a dozen, and maybe two dozen, times I have had dreams about working there at Storey Kenworthy, applying for a job or doing something related to that job. And almost every time it’s been when I’ve been in a stressful situation especially financially with the business. Sometimes it’s almost like it predicted what I would have to deal with that next morning after I woke up, either an issue where financials are getting close or under temporarily, something major would negatively happen that affected cash flow or similar.

Are those dreams God telling me to be cautious, or is it just random placement of a weird recurring dream that happens to hit at times when things are tough. Other times I have dreams that make no sense to me at the time and are often forgotten except for that first minute or two after I wake up in the morning.

The 700 Club/CBN references on it’s site the bible says “Indeed God speaks once, or twice, yet no one notices it — in a dream, a vision of the night. When sound sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds. Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction. (Job 33:14-16).” 700 Club/CBN continues that “Dreams are one of the most overlooked forms of communication used by God. The Word of God consistently reveals God as speaking to people through this universally experienced and mysterious phenomenon.”

And according to a story on International Business Times “Why we dream has long baffled scientists, with multiple theories emerging over their purpose….However, they might have worked out where dreams come from in the brain after discovering REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is very similar to the brain activity seen during waking vision.”

So where do dreams come from…I honestly feel it’s God telling me something, but that I’m supposed to figure out the solution on my own. He’s challenging me to go after something and do it, and just figured I need a little more encouragement and a stronger point in that direction. So I will continue to pay attention to my dreams, as long as I can remember them!

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