Do you want a balloon?

After seeing this film, my answer is a sharp NO.

Based off the best-selling book by Stephen King, “It” creates a whole new meaning of fear.

Originally published in 1986, this creature began its influence on horror culture. Turned into a mini-series in 1990, “It,” also known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, was brought to life in a much more horrifying medium.

Now, 27 years later, its awoken from its hibernation to terrify a new generation. Starring Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise and the newcomer Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough, this film really takes off.

Tragedy strikes the fictional town of Derry, Maine in the year 1988. Kids begin to go missing including Georgie, Bill’s brother. However, the authorities don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

A year later, Bill and his friends are getting ready for summer vacation when they start seeing strange and frightening things. After banding together to fend off the town bully Henry Bowers, the Losers Club is formed. Consisting of six boys and one girl, they begin an impossible mission where they must face their fears.

Their fears are used to taunt them by Pennywise and this prompts them to go to the abandoned house on Neibolt Street and into the city’s sewers. Wanting to avenge Georgie, they prepare for battle with It.

As far as visuals go, this film was excellent. The blood and gore were extremely realistic. The makeup for Pennywise was, in fact, very good; however, he looked scary, which means you expect him to be scary.

In the original mini-series, Pennywise, played by Tim Curry, looked relatively innocent but then turned out to be horrifying which I feel had a greater impact.

That being said, I still ended up hiding a bit behind my hands whenever Pennywise, in any form, graced the big screen.

The cast was excellent and I was thrilled to see Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) as my favorite character Richie Tozer, one of the Losers Club. Each of the young actors was able to capture their characters on screen.

Being a fan of the novel itself, this adaptation stuck closer to it than the mini-series. There were a lot of jump-scares to thrill the horror enthusiasts and enough heart for those of us who enjoy a good spooky plot.

This movie is the definition of coulrophobia; fear of clowns just got real.   

Overall, this film was excellent and I enjoyed it. Will I see it again? Maybe ,if my heart can take it. Anyway, go see “It”, or you’ll float too.

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