DMACC introduces new logo, website design

The new DMACC logo

DMACC officially unveiled its new website design and branding to the public on Monday, Oct. 23.

The website’s design had not been updated since 1988, and it features a brand-new three-dimensional brand logo with a modernized look.  

The website displays new photographs and videos of students, staff, and campuses, along with a bright “DMACC blue” layout that is intended to be simple and easy to navigate.  

The effort to update the website and logo were lead by Todd Jones, DMACC’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, and Noah O’Tool, DMACC’s Website Coordinator. I sat down with the two of them to discuss the major changes and the reasoning behind them.  

Jones and O’Tool said that the original push for a renovated design came from Shelli Allen, DMACC’s current VP of Enrollment Services and Student Success. Allen challenged Todd Jones several years ago to make a change, but the project did not kick into full gear until after the COVID-19 pandemic. Jones stated it was a perfect time to introduce something fresh to the community. 

O’Tool was the main leader behind the project, and he and a team of graphic designers worked together to create a cohesive website and logo that refreshed the DMACC brand altogether. 

Jones said O’Tool agreed that DMACC’s updated brand creates a fresh and unique look that, according to Jones, conveys a sense of community, alignment, and collegiate feeling.

DMACC’s branding through the years

Jones also mentioned that the goal of the design change was not just to have an updated look or logo, but to change the way the people perceive DMACC as a reputable institution. Whether that was competing colleges and universities or students and staff, the goal was to make the school’s brand look modern and professional.

Not only has the appearance of DMACC’s website changed, but the website has been significantly simplified for easy access, according to Jones and O’Tool. The new website now has 700 links compared to the previous website which held thousands. The home page features four main categories with an organized list of subcategories, a welcome statement with a link to apply to the collage, and updated high-quality photos and videos.

Finally, Jones and O’Tool said that the rest of DMACC’s sub-sites, such as MyDMACC, will be fully updated next spring, and they advised that those who come across broken links on the website can scroll down to “Web Updates” to submit a problem.  

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