Director Carl Lindberg Brings “Mauritius” to DMACC

Tiffany Liechty, Alex Brown and David Korkow rehearsing under the direction of Carl Lindberg
Photo courtesy of: Bailey Perkins

Stamps. Fifty cents each at your local post office. Honestly, who even mails things these days anyway? Stamps are pretty much irrelevant. Except when two measly little stamps could be worth a small fortune.

“Mauritius,” written by Theresa Rebeck, directed by DMACC professor Carl Lindberg, is a play, literally, about stamps. Do not give up on this play yet though, DMACC’s theater club, lead by Lindberg, is working very hard this semester to make this contemporary drama very enticing watch.

When trying to choose which plays to perform, Lindberg says, “I am looking for diversity, for opportunities, for a breath of style for the students who are in the play and for those who are also viewing the play. So everyone is getting a well rounded experience of what is actually happening in the professional theater world.”

This play includes two main female actors, half sisters, fighting over an inheritance of two stamps that are estimated to be worth around $6 million. The problem, you ask? Well the stamps are supposed to go to one sister, but the stamps are from the other sister’s father’s side.

“Mauritius” will be full of deceit, jealousy, and fights; some fights being physical for you more action lovers. If you can not tell already, this will not be your typical female-led romance story.

If you have ever been to a play or musical directed by Lindberg, you might be excited to see where he is going to place the audience. If you have not been one, you might be one of the people who Lindberg mentions that say to him,

“You turn this plain back room into a theater?”.

For this play, he has decided to lay the stage out in what would be called, “In the round.”  The actors will act in the middle of the room and the audience will sit in a square form around them. The room will be the shape of a stamp.

“This helps the stereotypical idea of a theater where there are just people standing in front of you talking” Lindberg explained.

There will also be two rugs, both of a different color, representing the two stamps.

Director Carl Lindberg is very passionate about the performing arts here at DMACC. Lindberg does certain things to keep the audience included.

“What’s the point in telling the story if no one’s listening?” Lindberg said.

For those interested in the theater club here at DMACC, anyone can audition for these plays and musicals, whether you are full time, part time, or not even a student. To support the theater or get more information about “Mauritius” you can visit the theater club’s website at,

Don’t forget to stop by and see this play! Tickets are free, March 2, 3, 8, 9, and 10 all shows are at 7:30 p.m.

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