College Survival Tips

DeeDMACC’s Classified School Survival Guide

It is no secret that college can be intimidating. We go from the sweet comfort of our high schools, filled with familiar faces and established routines, to a world of chaos and independence where we are suddenly adults and no one is barking at you to finish your homework.

This shock to the senses can be the most overwhelming, terrifying, and enlightening time of your life, if executed properly.

We know all too well the stories of college drop-outs. Poor souls doomed to a life of minimum wage servitude behind the vat of a fryer and “service with a smile” tattooed to their foreheads.

Those were the horror stories our high school counselors told if we even uttered the words “college isn’t for me.”

However, the one thing these hopeless fry cooks didn’t have is the advice of a Mr. Ronn Newby, psychology professor and Phi Theta Kappa chapter leader. Newby, as well as a few willing DMACC students, were gracious enough to bestow their wisdom upon me so that I may deliver it to you in the form of 10 tips that are imperative to a college success story.

  1. Read your syllabus: Though this may seem like a tedious and useless act, reading your syllabus can actually put you ahead of the game and give you a good overview of what your semester will consist of. Being the first one to hand in an assignment a few days before its due not only looks good, but it helps you establish a good relationship with your professor. Show them you are competent and prepared and they will love you forever.
  2. Make time to study: This seems obvious but I have had a first had look at people who just straight up do not do their work. I mean seriously guys, we are paying thousands of dollars just to walk into a classroom and have a seat, if you were just planning on sleeping in and letting your books collect dust you could have done that at home for free. DO YOUR WORK!!!
  3. Know where the resources are: If you’re anything like me, math is not your strong area. Thankfully we have amazing tutors in the AAC ready and willing to help. When you’re on that struggle bus ask around, find help, and keep on studying.
  4. Know instructors office hours: Your professors want to answer your question just as bad as you want to ask. Holla at them! They won’t bite.
  5. Don’t stress: Freaking out will kill you faster than the actual work. Save some energy and take a chill pill. It will all be okay.
  6. Make time for fun: This was my favorite tip from Brain Black, theater major here at DMACC. All work and no play makes you dull and turns your hair gray. Have fun and get weird, it’s college!
  7. Make mistakes: Now do not take this the wrong way, I’m not saying you should go out there, steal a mustang, and drive off into the sunset, but step out of your comfort zone. Do something you know is wrong but do it loudly and with a smile on your face. Regret nothing and experience everything (don’t worry, I will bail you out of jail.)
  8. Balance work and school: Do not pick up tons of shifts in order to make the most amount of money as possible, work is not your primary concern right now. Work enough so you can live comfortably. Don’t kill yourself with a job that you may not have in 5 years
  9. Join a few clubs: There are tons of fun things to do here at DMACC! Seriously, for every interest you can think of there is a club for that, and if there isn’t you can make one. Grab some friends and form the DMACC Justice League if you want, just get out there and get involved
  10. Call your family: They are anxious to know that their money is going toward good use. Call them and tell them how school is going and how great everything (even if it’s awful) It will make you feel better to hear a familiar voice and it puts whoever loves you on the other end of that phone at ease.

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