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Building 6 DMACC Cats

Building 6 DMACC Cats

By Chronicle Staff.

For years now, the Ankeny campus has had two unofficial furry mascots prowling around Building 6.

Then, just last week, a Twitter account mysteriously popped up claiming to be those two cats.

Over the last four days, the Twitterverse has been treated to tweets primarily about being fed candy and meat, peppered with poor grammar, though they have let some surprising nuggets of wisdom slip through.

They have even been known to tweet at Sen. Charles Grassley: “next time u at #dmacc come by building 6 see how obamacare tossed us in the cold…jk we wild catz…we live outside.”

Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to find exactly what makes these cats purr, we pounced at the chance to interview them. Here is our conversation:

Chronicle: @DMACCcatz hey we are going to ask you some questions today for the newspaper. Will you tweet us back? #runningoutofstories

Catz: @dmaccchronicle yes go ahead

Chronicle:  Why is building 6 your “mane” hangout? What’s the draw?

Catz:  bldg 6 has some nice hiding places & thats where peeple are coming from library maybe talkin big ideas thats how we lern. but of curse too we get our grub on there. We wanted to say that u sholdnt just tweet us when u running out of stories think really we kind of a big deal, big story

Chronicle:   Sorry for the implication that you are a last option. We don’t want to raise your fur. Are you two a couple or just ambiguous survival buddies?

Catz:  we brotherz an u shouldnt assume…by the way…got any ground beef?

Chronicle:  Have you been tempted to go after all the geese on campus? Has the administration approached you to “help out?”

Catz:  geese kind of greasy..administration nice people, sometimes feed us but never meat and chocolate..too healthy people i guess

Chronicle:  We at the paper have noticed you are a hands off type of kitten. With coats so fluffy why can’t we get within 10 feet of you?

Catz:  hands off yess we never text while drive.  too we shld say we will defend selves so get close enuff for the dropping of meat or maybe no mo nice kitty..jk

Chronicle:  Do you two have names?

Catz:  names r for people who like to lord people ideas over catz man

Chronicle:  Okay, tough one for you. The economy affects everyone, even cats: what steps need to be taken to avoid the looming fiscal cliff?

Catz:  Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman recommends a public works program and deficit spending…we lern copy & paste from studentz

Chronicle:  Well, we have to wrap this up, but you guys have been great. Any final thoughts you’d like to share with us and our readers?

Catz:  yes. the secret to world piece is to give snickers & eye of round to bldg 6 catz

Chronicle:  Again, thanks guys. We will make sure to drop off a copy of the paper for you guys near building 6.

Catz:  sure yr paper makes good bedding no afense


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