Building 5 opens its doors this fall

A rendering of the new Building 5 student center.Image courtesy DMACC Physical Plant

A rendering of the new Building 5 student center.Image courtesy DMACC Physical Plant

The Building 5 Student Center is expected to open by Fall Semester 2016, and the attached recreation center is expected to be operational by January 2017, DMACC officials have announced.

Ned Miller, DMACC Executive Director of the Physical Plant, said, “This is the biggest project we have done in a long time,” and that it is the largest he has been involved in.

Many DMACC buildings are 30-45 years old so many of our projects are remodeling and renovating  existing spaces in these buildings, Miller said.

Building 5 was built in 1982, and while original costs are not available, the new Student Center and Fitness facility will cost a total of $39 million, with $16 million coming back from the lease with the city of Ankeny and YMCA.

“A very good deal for everyone involved,” said DMACC President Rob Denson.

Denson said DMACC’s goal with the project was to create a place where students could engage and network with each other.

“The new student center will be a giant benefit to the student life of all of our Ankeny Students and greatly improve their total-Campus experience,” Denson said.

There will be group gathering spaces, food court, meeting spaces, a black box theater, conference center, game room, and tons of other things that are included in this major project.  Miller said it will be similar to the ISU Memorial Union in Ames with multiple outside restaurants and options and lots of common space.

By Fall 2016, the student center’s 88,000 square feet will be open, and the 82,000 square foot rec center/YMCA will be open in January 2017.  YMCA Members, Ankeny Residents plus DMACC students taking 6 credits or more will have full access to opening Spring 2017.

Culinary Institute Work

The Iowa Culinary Institute (Building 7) is the other major construction happening on campus.

Miller said that the front lobby/entrance, administration offices and adjunct professor spaces encompass the majority of the work being done in that building.

“The lobby receives guests for the experience of the gourmet dinners in the evenings and serves as a student hub and collaboration space during the day.”

Green Space

According to Miller, after the completion of the Student Center/Recreation Center and Building 7/ICI, plans will be developed to renovate the central mall on the Ankeny Campus.  He told us of goals to work on more trees and finishing off green space on campus.

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