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Building1webBy: Logan Lantz

With renovations to Building 1 nearly complete, staff returned to their offices in early December. The addition to the campus has created a new entrance for many future and current students.

Renovations began back in March 2013, with a $4 million remodeling plan to work on the exterior and interior of Building 1. The renovations added nearly 14,000 square feet to the building, providing smoother student traffic flow, more meeting rooms and added to staff space.

The design for the renovations for Building 1 is being handled by InVision, an architectural firm, which lead the remodeling of the Student Center for Iowa State University and the Welcome Center at the University of Northern Iowa.

With these renovations, many of the Building 1 Student Services staff were moved mostly to Building 5.

Lead Registrations Specialist Julie Emehiser said she enjoys additions to the building such as more windows and the newly placed efficient doors.

“I like how it brings in more light, and it has become less drafty with how the doors are set up,” Emehiser said.

Human Resources Director James Casey said he likes the layout of the windows on the south side of Building 1, not only in appearance but also to take advantage of solar heating. Casey also finds that the conference rooms will be very helpful in holding future meetings instead of scheduling meetings in other buildings on campus.

“Students have ‘adapted’ well to the redesigned building,” Casey said. “The windows in the main lobby are well marked and staffed with personnel, so students hopefully have access to what they need from student services and financial aid.”

One of the main priorities with the renovation was to allow students to locate and travel smoother to their destinations and finding the right representatives.

Students like Trevor Egli, 20, of Ankeny likes the new flow of the building.

“More space has been given towards the waiting room,” Egli said. “Everything seems more organized and nicer.”

Like with any new building renovation there have been slight issues. Some of the issues to the new building is trying to figure out where everything is.

“Students have had issues finding the advising check in center” Emehiser said.

This might not seem to have a major impact for most but it can impact students that are trying to locate specific offices.

“The signage in the main lobby really controls the flow of traffic,” Casey said. “In addition, the HR office can now be accessed without having to walk through other departments, this promotes a professional approach to the department.”

Although there has been slight issues that have arisen, many students and faculty members alike enjoy the fresh new design to Building 1.

The inside of Building 1 is expected to be finished sometime during the month of February, where the outside will be finished sometime during late spring, mid-summer. barring any setbacks.

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