Breaking Dawn Review Part 2 by Heidi Walters

The end to a saga, and might I add an amazing end. “Breaking Dawn part two” is being called the best “Twilight” movie yet and I would have to agree.

The writers and producers gave a good finish to the saga, and whether you are “Team Edward,” “Team Jacob,” or “Team I don’t really care,” I’m sure we would all agree that it left us happy and feeling satisfied.

“Twilight” has had more than its fair share of negative reviews, but there are a few “twihards.” A twihard is someone who is obsessed with the “Twilight” saga and is a huge fan.

Even with all the negative reviews, it didn’t hurt the revenue coming in for “Breaking Dawn part two.” On the opening weekend it made an astonishing $340.9 million dollars worldwide.

“Breaking Dawn part one” ended with Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, transforming into a vampire. The end of the movie had her opening her eyes, which were blood red. It was an intense ending that left fans wanting part two to come soon.

Now that part two is here, I assume fans would agree that they like vampire Bella more than human Bella.

Bella’s baby, Renesmee is born in part one and in the second part she’s growing rapidly. The Volturi hears a rumor that the Cullens have turned a child into a vampire. Turning a child into a vampire is strictly forbidden. The only problem here is that Renesmee was born, not bitten, making her half human and half vampire.

Immortal children are not allowed because they cannot be controlled, so the Volturi set out to confront the Cullens and get rid of the problem. This then creates an interesting situation. The Cullens team up with other vampires from around the world to go up against the Volturi.

The ending comes with a major twist that I did not see coming. The entire theater was in shock. Jaws dropped and eyes opened up wide.

Whether you’re a “Twilight” fan or not, I do recommend going and seeing this film. Every emotion is tied into the movie and there is a lot of action. It’s a bittersweet feeling; nice to see how it all ends, but sad to see it actually come to an end.

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