Avatar 2: Worth the wait?

Anastasia Crist

Ask me on any given day what my favorite movie is, and I am going to say “Avatar.” I’ve had that same response since 2009 when the movie was first released. I was fascinated by the potential for “real” avatar technology and I fell in love with a culture that was pure fantasy. The movie was captivating, interesting, and elicited an array of emotions. In regards to production; the graphics were phenomenal and character development was a 10/10. The ending left you craving more of the action-packed science-fiction drama that was just gifted to your entertainment needs.

So that’s what I did. I waited, and waited, and waited…. for over a decade. I think I realistically watched “Avatar” 50 times or more. I mean, they left the ending wide open for a high-grossing film. “Avatar” really had the potential for becoming a top-selling franchise, if we are being honest. Yet, there I was, 10 years later, waiting for that potential to surface. I think I heard at least one rumor per year during that waiting time, of a second Avatar coming to fruition. 

So, when my husband mentioned “Avatar 2: The Way of Water” was being produced, I immediately rolled my eyes. When he then told  me that he was serious, I ran to my computer faster than my kids run away with my phone. There it was, finally. I spent the next few months drooling at the idea of sitting in a theater watching a movie I had waited 14 years for.

Fast forward to the night of the movie. In the back of my mind on the drive there I was terrified that my 14 years of anticipation and excitement would go to waste. My biggest fear came true. After 3 very long hours and 12 minutes, I left the theater in shock. I was truly disappointed in the blatant waste of an opportunity. Same narrative, same character development, and almost a complete rewind of the first movie. Only, everything was in water. It was fish instead of birds, water instead of land, the same characters only 10 years older, and it was not nearly as exciting. The bad guys were overplayed, and the good guys always come out on top. The plot was so dry that I could hardly pay attention. I caught myself checking my phone, and going to get snacks. I am sure there are events in the movie I missed due to my complete disinterest in the whole production, even while sitting in front of the screen.

Once I left and would try to discuss it, I noticed something. People either loved it, or really hated it. There were no in-between reviews for “Avatar: The Way of Water.” None that I heard anyway. Do better, Cameron. You owe me for this.

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