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CourtneySwessingerDear Courtney,

I had my laptop on a table in Building 5 and a friend of mine accidentally knocked their drink on it. I brought it in and they said it would be $500 to fix it. It’s a little bit of an older laptop and I was kind of thinking of getting a new one, but I don’t have the money. My friend hasn’t offered to pay at all. What should I do?

Computerless in Clive

Dear Computerless;
First of all, thank  you for the question. I admit laptops are expensive. I have a $400 Dell that I bought at Walmart to save a little money. I admit I would be mad too if someone knocked their drink onto my laptop, heck I’d be mad if it was in my bag and it got pushed off a table. First of all, ask yourself, how well do you know your friend? Maybe he or she doesn’t have the funds to pay for a laptop or even repair for it either. If you know him or her,  to some degree then maybe you know his or her economic setting. Although I’d ask your friend first about whether or not they knew you were mad at them about the laptop. If their situation is one where he or she can’t afford to pay to fix a laptop then maybe ask him if he or she are willing to set up a payment plan? Although if you can’t afford a new laptop look into a very good refurbished laptop and have it checked over repeatedly by a reputable computer source. I hope that this helps!


Dear Courtney,

I’m on Facebook a lot but one of my friends keeps tagging me in photos that I don’t want to be tagged in. Not only that I sort of wish she would take them off Facebook. I feel kind of weird about asking though since I upload a lot of photos of other people, too. Advice?

Not Fond of Photos

Dear Not Fond;

First of all, have you tried reporting your friend to the proper Facebook authorities?  Although on a more non-humorous note, have you tried talking to your friend about how you dislike the photos and wish that they could be taken down? Maybe your friend is assuming that you don’t mind the photos and don’t mind them up. Most people when they don’t hear any complaints automatically assume that they have a go-ahead about something. Chances are your friend doesn’t know that he or she is doing something wrong. So the most I can say is first talk to them, and if all else fails turn off the notifications for whatever they post and etc. That way you won’t know it’s there, or have you tried adjusting your settings so she can’t post anything, nor can you post anything for their account nor will it go onto your account? Honestly I don’t know what to say except to talk to them and if all else fails: block them on Facebook.


Dear Courtney

I think I’m addicted to my phone. I can’t stop snapchatting, even during class. How do I stop the cycle???

iPhone Addict

Dear iPhone Addict;

Thank you for the question. The first step to stopping any problem is to admit that you have a problem. Then there is the problem of the Snapchat account. I hate to say this but delete the account. You have a problem, so time to get rid of the problem. Play a game with a friend called hide the phone until class is over. If you don’t see it then you won’t know its there and then you will not think about it! Either that or leave it in your car or on silent far away when you don’t need it. Don’t think that it will help overnight, I promise it will take time but as long as you persevere you will do fine. Don’t let them down. I honestly hope this helps.


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