Active Living through Farrell’s

Fitness is a trend in America; people are realizing the importance of physical activity and health. New gyms are popping up all over the metro area. From yoga to crossfit, people are open to trying new ways to get in shape.

There is one Des Moines franchise that has been around for a long time. Farrell’s eXtreme bodyshaping is a company that was started by Lance Farrell in Des Moines. He started with the Beaverdale location for martial arts in 1989 and then in 2001 expanded his company with eXtreme bodyshaping. The franchise is now in many states and has locations all over Iowa.

I have been a Farrell’s member since 2014. I started the winter 10-week session as a way to get in shape for my wedding and I was instantly hooked.

Farrell’s has a 10-week program that it is very well-known for. During the 10-weeks, students who commit time and effort can receive incredible results. The classes that rotate are kickboxing and strength training.

The kickboxing classes focus on endurance and stamina. They start with a shadowboxing

warm up led by and instructor and go into stretching and cardio for another 10 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, it is time to get the bags out and practice punching and kicking on the bag. Instructors do a few minutes on the bag and then a break off the

bag for the duration of the class. The strength training classes focus on

building lean muscle. The classes involve long bands, figure-8 bands and circular rings which are called O-rings. These stretchy bands are used instead of heavy weights to build that lean muscle.The class is either an upper body class which focuses on triceps, biceps, back and shoulders or a lower body class which focuses on the leg muscles and gluteus.

The classes are fun, challenging and ever- changing with many different instructors who all have different backgrounds and body types teaching the class. Each instructor has

gone through the 10 weeks themselves and is dedicated to the program. ten-weekers are also paired with a coach for their time slot for more personalized attention.

I love the Farrell’s program and recommend it to anyone looking to get into fitness and to better him or herself. It is really a community of people looking to improve their lives.

I started as a 10-week student and kept going from there to be a fit member and now even teach kickboxing classes.

Farrell’s is a proven program that has consistently shown results. The other weight loss programs are based on it so why not try the original and see how you like it.

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