Accounting class raises money for Doctors Without Borders

The Accounting Professionalism course at DMACC is raising money to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Joseph Mueller, President of the effort, had this to say about why they chose Doctors Without Borders.

“I suggested we do Doctors Without Borders because several of our students in that class come from other countries and in fact come from countries where Doctors Without Borders operates with frequency. We were hoping not only assist people over there and provide a better life for those people so that they might be able to transfer over to America. ”

Doctors Without Borders is a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing aid in over seventy countries today. Also known as, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), which translates to Doctors Without Borders. MSF later spread operational sections to Belgium, Switzerland, Holland and Spain, between 1980 and 1986. Started in Paris, France, in 1971, their first mission was in Nicaragua. In 1999, MSF won a Nobel Peace Prize for the group’s continued efforts to provide aid in war-torn countries.

All 15 student enrolled in the course had to pick two charities to suggest to the class and then the class voted.

After they decided their charity they decided who would hold officer positions. Positions include, President, Vice President, Marketing, Research, Sales, Secretaries and Communications.

Mueller and his team have set up a website in which you can donate directly to MSF. The course is holding a charity night at Pizza Ranch to help raise money for their cause which will all be going back to MSF.

They have received donations from several private citizens, along with a few members of the group donating more than just their time. One private citizen is going to match the group’s donation, up to $1,000. Panera donated bagels and some coffee so the course could hold a sale on campus.

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