A glimpse into the life of an RA

Residence assistants are tolerated by some college students and appreciated by others. They are viewed differently at each of the three campus apartments.

RAs are notorious for walking around busting parties, telling people to quiet down, and “ruin” everyone’s fun. They might be doing that, but an RA has other jobs that they do as well: clean, help students out, and provide students with information as asked.

The RAs have been very busy this year at Prairie Pointe.

RA Alyssa Bainbridge is taking classes and hoping to work in the medical field in the future.

“I work two hours a week and I make $8 and hour.  During my restricted free time I can’t go to parties, and can’t be around alcohol.”

That’s the perk of being an RA at Prairie Pointe.

The RAs have been giving out a lot of warnings this year since Prairie Pointe has been busy with parties. For RAs like Alyssa, this has made life a lot more difficult.

At Campus View, RAs have a lot of jobs. There are two RAs always on duty. Property Manager Amanda Crawford says, “They work on the events they hold at Campus View. There are two of them always working, and they need four office hours a month.”

Crawford said it is also the job of RAs to give tours to new students. Additionally, they walk the halls 3-5 times a night to make sure Campus View has a friendly environment.

Some people may ask, “Why be an RA?” Depending on their duties, RAs get a credit on their rent. The downside is they can’t party at the student apartments at which they work.

RAs aren’t as prominent at Campus Town as they are at other student housing. Most residents didn’t even know they had RAs there.

Campus Town has potential to be the next party spot for DMACC students.

Their rooms are more expensive. They are nicer, and have more space so it’s the ideal spot to have a party. 

Freshman Kailey Devos, majoring in Liberal Arts, says, “I didn’t know there were RAs here. We haven’t had a problem with them and we’ve been pretty loud at times.”

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