Live from Des Moines, it’s the second Democratic Debate

IMG_6032Many historical events have taken place at Drake University. They include the annual Drake Relays, which launched the careers of many famous runners, and the campus paper starting the infamous “Paul is Dead” hoax. Drake recently added a new accomplishment to their roster: the site of the second Democratic Debate of the 2016 election.

At the beginning of the debate, the moderators asked the candidates for a moment of silence to remember the victims of the Paris attack, which had just happened the night before.

Following the silence, the moderators then asked the candidates to express their thoughts on the attacks.

The general consensus from all three candidates was that their hearts and prayers were with Paris, and it will be their goal as president to destroy ISIS.

Following addressing the ISIS attack on Paris, the debate started up in full swing addressing everything from healthcare to campaign finance reform.

Though there are many things that could be talked about, I think the first thing that needs to be established is Martin O’Malley. I don’t know if he’ll win this cycle, but come 2020 or 2024, I think he could be a great candidate for the presidency.

I think he had many strong moments in the debate, whether it was him talking about how he made $10.10 min. wage happen or calling Republican frontrunner Donald Trump an “immigrant-bashing carnival barker.”

I really think he could be a good Vice President under either Clinton or Sanders because they share a lot of his views.

Although O’Malley did well, I also think Clinton and Sanders also did well too. I thought Clinton did well with the foreign policy questions as she was Sec. of State under Obama, and I also thought Sanders did well with campaign finance reform because that is his major platform.

Though he wants to reinstate Glass-Stiegel, I agree with the other candidates that there needs to be more along with Glass-Stiegel. Though I don’t like to pick a winner, I think that they all did very well in certain areas and come next election cycle, Martin O’Malley could very well become President of the United States.

In conclusion, I thought the debate was great.

I also think that no matter who wins the nomination for the democrats, the Democratic Party will be very proud of the man or woman representing them in 2016.

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