Discover DMACC: The Photography Program

22445800171_3365d4d356_oThe photography program is a certificate and 43-credit diploma now, but starting fall 2016 DMACC plans to offer an AAS degree in photography.   

They have added 4 new classes this year, which would bring the total credits to 55 if a student does all the photography classes.

The requirements for entering the program are to pass the compass test and go through an informational meeting with advisor Jeremy Austin.

The program transitioned out of the old film cameras and now requires students to use a DSLR camera as technology has moved towards everything digital.  DSLR camera’s can cost any where from $500 to $5,000.

Program Director David Purdy has created new classes:  Commercial Photography one and two, Portrait Photography one and two, Portfolio Photography, Wedding Photography, and Architectural Photography.

The program has a Travel Photography class and they travel weekly:  “It’s a pretty broad range in which it encompasses, mostly it’s going to historic or important locations, whether it’s state parks or zoos or the sculpture park or the Botanical Center and photographing them in a story-telling way to let people know what those places are. It includes the farmers market or even say Jester Park with the buffalo,” Purdy said.

The photojournalism class takes traveling trips as well sometimes to sporting events.22966925045_323395cc13_o

Students go on to many different jobs and career paths from the Photography Program. 

A lot of students cross over with the graphic design program. Many students will go on and start their own photography businesses but supplement the income with another job such as work at a photography center.

There are also many part-time positions with magazines, newspapers, and entertainment. “There’s a lot of opportunity, but you have to wear a lot of hats,” Purdy said.

Why choose DMACC Photography Program? “I have always been interested in photography, I needed somewhere affordable, I also really enjoy David Purdy and Jeff Bokhoven as instructors because they work with students really well, and have real world experience,” said Courtney Mehmen.

Jeff Bokhoven has owned and operated a portrait studio for the last 20 years and continues his business while teaching on the side as and adjunct instructor for DMACC. 

Before coming to DMACC, David Purdy worked for two years at the Des Moines Register, he ran his own photography business for three years, and has been a photojournalist for over 20 years.

Students who are not part of the Photography program can take the classes, but during the first few weeks of sign up, classes are only open to those in the program. Any students looking to join the program should schedule a meeting with an advisor.

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