Retirement Series: Dyanne Schulze

By: Brandon Greubel

Dyanne Schulze has been a full-time professor at DMACC since 1994, making this her nineteenth year with full-time status. She started as an on and off adjunct in 1982, she has worked for DMACC for a total of 31 years.

While Schulze was working at Meredith in 1982, a counselor from DMACC called her and asked her if she would be interested in teaching a night class as an adjunct. That class was called “Introduction to computer literacy” and that was the start of her career here at DMACC.

Schulze quit her teaching position from 1985-1991, and soon realized that she enjoyed teaching more than her job at Meredith and came back in 1991 to teach again.

Schulze taught as an adjunct until 1994, when, following the untimely death of a fellow professor in February, she was offered a full-time position in the teaching field.

Schulze teaches classes in the computer sciences field, including Databases (SQL) and language classes like Java and COBOL.

Before Schulze started teaching, she was a systems analyst/programmer for Meredith. Meredith quit their business and Schulze was outsourced in 1991 to a company called EDS, which stands for Electronic Data Systems. Schulze left EDS to teach at DMACC, and shortly after she left, HP bought the company.

After retirement Schulze plans to go to Iowa football games, seeing as she will have plenty of time for them. Schulze might also become a student here and take something in a completely different area of study, such as Astronomy or chemistry.

Schulze was awarded an outstanding alumnus award for 1981 from DMACC. She’s got an excellent academic record, a BA in French from Iowa, and an AAS in Computer Programming from DMACC.

Schulze originally wanted to be a French teacher, but she liked college better than high school and was hoping to get a position teaching at Iowa, but without a masters in teaching she couldn’t get a college teaching position, so she came to DMACC to learn how to be a programmer after her plans fell through.

“I always wanted to teach a foreign language, and it’s funny how if you think about it, in a way I still am teaching a foreign language, just in the computer field,” Schulze said

Upon concluding the interview Schulze States “Thank you, I had a great time! Go Hawks!”


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